An industry like no other. So we treat it that way.



Our Practical Understanding Ensures Success 

The agricultural sector is unique. It has the highest proportion of self-employed workers of any sector. Plus as each workplace is very likely also a home, the management of risks needs a practical approach. So you’ll be pleased to know that PSC SafeX have expert consultants who have lived and worked on farms themselves. So we know what works.

Safe, Sustainable, Cost-effective Solutions

We understand that the Agriculture industry has an inherent set of risks, which are sometimes overlooked as farms are homes.

Regardless, its essential to know that the Workplace Health and Safety legal requirements are applicable to all farming organisations.

Agriculture is one of the most high risk industries and its important the owners and operators of farming operations understand the hazards and have appropriate control measures in place.

Have you considered how you are managing your risks in relation to:

  • Mobile plant and fixed plant equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Working with animals
  • Contractor management
  • Transient workforces
  • Psychological wellness
  • Logistics and chain of responsibility
  • Animal welfare
  • Homes being workplaces

PSC SafeX understand that the agricultural industry is the back bone of our nation and we are committed to help the Agricultural Leaders provide safe, sustainable, cost effective solutions to deliver high quality product to the market.


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