Crisis, Emergency Management and Business Continuity Services

It's far better to plan for trouble and make sure one never happens than just hope.



“To ensure your organisation’s longevity and continued growth, it is essential to have robust arrangements in place to protect your business from the consequences of disruptions and disasters.”

PSC SafeX can help prepare and equip your organisation to effectively respond to both crisis and emergency situations.

We can also assist you in developing Business Continuity Plans to improve resilience and minimise the potential impacts on your business. Our systems are designed to enable you the resilience to manage your workforce, your operational environment and your reputation in the event of a disaster, crisis or emergency situation.

We have the capabilities and expertise to provide support and ensure effective planning to manage both crisis and emergency scenarios occurring onsite or out in the field, including underground, off shore and in remote locations.

Training Kicks in When A Crisis Hits

Our Organisational Resilience capabilities and services include personnel, services, equipment and projects such as:

  • Emergency Management (EM)
  • Crisis Management (CM)
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM),
  • Security Risk Management (SRM), and
  • Associated training services to imbed the capabilities within your organisation.

Our Crisis, Emergency Management and Business Continuity Systems are explained below:

Emergency Management

PSC SafeX categorises an ‘Emergency’ situation as one that can be contained locally, for example within a specific site. It can be defines as “an unplanned event resulting in temporary loss of management control, where the response and recovery can be managed by site or location resources and the actual or potential consequence to safety, the environment, reputation or financial performance is unlikely to be material”.

PSC SafeX have extensive experience with assisting Building Facility Managers with the development of the Emergency Management Processes which comply with AS 3745 (Planning for emergencies in facilities) and the delivery of training programs.

PSC SafeX can offer:

  • Building audits to ensure compliance to AS 3745
  • Building Emergency Procedure Management Development
  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Procedures Training
  • Warden Training
  • Emergency warning system (EWS) and Emergency Warning Intercom System (EWIS) training
  • Emergency Evacuation and response activities
  • Comprehensive compliance reporting and improvement plans

Crisis Management

PSC SafeX categorises a ‘Crisis’ situation as more severe than an emergency and has the potential for more serious and far reaching consequences and may require external intervention. It can be defined as “Any event or incident that has the capacity to materially threaten the personal safety of employees, the public, assets, goodwill, reputation, market share or financial performance of the Company”.

PSC SafeX specialises in comprehensive Crisis Management systems which:

  1. identify and assess risks and opportunities;
  2. analyse possible consequences and impacts following disruption;
  3. examines and develops cost effective security, preparedness, and mitigation measures to protect against potentially disruptive incidents occurring;
  4. develops plans for responding to potential incidents in a professional and responsible manner including the effective mobilisation of the workforce;
  5. plans and tests business continuity plans necessary to recover from disruptive incidents in the minimum possible amount of time; and
  6. collectively implements these measures to avoid as far as possible business disruption or a major emergency, crisis or disaster.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) involves plans and processes that should be followed in the event of a disruption to business. BCM forms a key component in both emergency and crisis management and should be part of an organisation’s overall approach to effective risk management.

The aim of business continuity planning is to ensure the availability of the resources needed to support critical business processes. An effective BCM plan should include processes which identify an organisation’s ‘critical services’ and the key resources they rely on as well as any interdependencies between these, plans should clearly identify alternative solutions to ensure your business can continue operating. By proactively embedding Business Continuity Plan’s (BCP’s) in advance, you can ensure your organisation remains operational in the event and aftermath of a disruption, including crisis and emergency situations.

Disruptions can come in many forms, both externally and internally, and are often out of direct control for example IT outages, fire, flooding, adverse weather and events that can affect your supply chain as well potential people related disruptions such as industrial action or staff illness and absences.  However if disruption is not an option for your business, implementing a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), which meets the international business continuity ISO 22301 standard requirements, is the first step towards a best practice approach.

PSC SafeX can assist your organisation in developing and implementing a BCMS, based on ISO 22301. This will provide a robust management framework that monitor and measures your organisation’s ability to manage, and recover from, disruptions.

Effective BCMS will provide a framework that allows you to identify potential threats to your organisation and build capability to deal with these. This means you can respond to threats and safeguard the interests of your business, your key stakeholders, reputation and your brand.


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