During a maintenance activity a High Flow return roller weighing 20kgs was dropped 3.8 m onto a walkway. The subsequent investigation presented lessons for all personnel that work in multi-level work areas.

When conducting any work on multi-level work areas it is very important to consider the interactions between activities i.e. Simultaneous Operations – Be aware of all other jobs taking place and if your work is going to be close to other work crews ensure you leave clear access ways for personnel and equipment to move around using barricades for any materials or equipment that may pose as a hazard to others.

  1. Drop Zones
    • The drop zone is an area where equipment and tools may fall or be dropped during work activities.
    • When determining the size of an area consideration should be taken into the height of the task, the distance items may be propelled, size of the tools and equipment and potential for objects to bounce.
    • Hard barricading should be considered the first option, if the work area is complex or does not allow it, use soft barricading materials
    • This zone shall be barricaded with Danger tape. Where not practicable to do so a Spotter must be used in combination with exclusive control tape.
  2. Placement of barricades
    • Attach barricading information tags that contain supervisor contact details, duration of the barricade and the specific hazard in the area
    • Never enter a barricaded area unless you obtain authorisation
    • Inspect work areas to ensure the barricades are maintained for the duration of the task
  3. Edge Protection
    • Ensure adequate edge protection is in place around the working area.
    • Ensure adequate edge protection to openings that could allow items to drop. (Grid mesh removal etc.)
    • Do not stack equipment on top of each other so that they exceed the height of the edge protection or barricade.
    • Maintain good housekeeping around work area during the task duration.
  4. Drop Mats, Bolt buckets
    • Position Drop mats around work area where the flooring can allow for objects to fall through.
    • The use of bolt buckets or containers are required to secure small objects.
    • When determining the size of the drop matt, consideration should be taken into the size of the tools and equipment and potential for objects to bounce.
  5. Secure tools and Equipment
    • Secure all tools or equipment to prevent them from falling/being a dropped object (lanyards, edge protection etc.)
    • Place all hand tools in tool bag when not in use and secure.

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