Health and Safety TaranakiHealth and Safety Taranaki: USSA Global recently expanded internationally, and now has an office in New Zealand. USSA’s head office is situated in Taranaki, bringing a wealth of experience to the region in Health and Safety Consulting.

USSA’s New Zealand team provide the development and implementation of safety management and environmental management systems including auditing, risk management, training and quality management. We can produce an effective Training Management System within your organisation, and will tailor it to your specific needs. This could include such things as a training needs and gap analysis, producing detailed staff development plans, or auditing your existing training management system to identify areas for improvement.

Health and Safety Taranaki

USSA can provide consultations that ensure your Taranaki based organisation has adequate systems in place to meet all legislative requirements:

  • Development and implementation of organisational specific Workplace health and safety management system
  • Incident investigation and management training
  • Development of organisational risk profiles
  • Training and education in risk management and health and safety systems and processes
  • Legal compliance auditing

We specialise in many industries and business types:

  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s)
  • Oil & Gas Services
  • Construction
  • Mining & Resources Safety

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