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“SafeX have the capability to supply onsite WHSEQ support to your organisation with qualified and experienced WHSEQ Consultants, according to your specific business requirements.”

There may be times when you need additional WHSEQ competencies and support, for example due to expansion, to cover periods of leave of existing staff, to manage specific short term projects or as an objective third party to run an external incident investigation or undertake WHSEQ audits; the gap can be filled by appointing a fully qualified SafeX WHSEQ Consultant.

Benefits of External Consultants for Onsite WHSEQ Support

There are many benefits of utilising external consultants including:

  • Our onsite WHSEQ support Consultants have worked in a wide range of industries and come with the support of a large team of experts and resources.
  • Consultants often have skills and abilities not available internally, bringing high level experience and new skills to your organisation, which can be passed on to your employees.
  • There is no minimum hire period; use them only for as long as you need them, enabling you to maintain your core of employees and add additional resources for special projects as required.
  • A fresh set of eyes can provide objectivity and non-biased opinions on the project/work.
  • Our Consultants have the ability to recommend, institute and drive Change Management without being influenced by internal ‘Resistance to Change’ factors.
  • After adding in overheads and management costs, hiring a Consultant can often be cheaper as there are no long term financial commitments or benefits to be paid.
  • Outsourcing technical needs can free management staff to concentrate on core business.

We can provide a range of client specific on-site support ranging from short term temporary contract solutions to more sustainable longer term solutions which will also assist you in building the necessary health and safety culture to promote safety in the workplace.

Mobilise Experienced WHSEQ Support Staff On-site

PSC SafeX has the capability to offer the services of experienced staff to your site, including:

  • WHSEQ Managers
  • WHSEQ Supervisors
  • WHSEQ Coordinators
  • WHSEQ Advisors
  • Lead Auditors
  • Emergency Response Coordinators
  • Injury Management Coordinators

PSC SafeX staff are hand-picked to match your requirements, they are qualified and certified in their fields and have extensive experience with backgrounds in a vast array of industries. Staff can be provided on a short term or part-time basis as required.

WHSEQ Safety Excellence Packages

PSC SafeX also have Safety Excellence Packages available to small and medium businesses, which provide ongoing advice and support via a telephone Advice Line.



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