PSC SafeX Consultants specialise in Independent Incident Investigations. PSC SafeX ensures comprehensive investigations are undertaken and that the necessary corrective actions are identified so as to reduce the likelihood of it’s reoccurrence and injury. As Independent Incident Investigators, PSC SafeX help you ensure you are meeting your statutory obligations and it demonstrates your commitment to workplace safety and improvement.

Hiring an external third party will also remove any potential subjectivity and therefore help ensure that any investigation has the perception by the workforce and clients/ customers as being objective and independent. Providing a fresh set of eyes can also help in improving all aspects of safely in the workplace. When conducting Independent Incident Investigations, our experienced investigators will liaise with the workforce, manage the investigating authorities and ensure that the outcome of the investigation remains independent and objective.

western power independent incident investigationsUSSA Global can help support your organisation immediately after an incident, as well as managing the data collection and subsequent investigation. We have the capacity to provide fully trained and experienced incident investigators at short notice, to run independent incident and ICAM* /Taproot investigations or, if preferred, support senior management in undertaking detailed internal investigations.

Western Power approved Independent Investigators

When serious incidents occur in companies such as Western Power, USSA Global provide the independent incident investigation. These companies know that a number of legal obligations need to be adhered to in terms of reporting and notification and USSA provides this service in a concise independent and objective manner.

telstra independent investigationsIndependent Incident Investigations for Telstra

Another company that utilises PSC SafeX for Independent Incident Investigations is Telstra. They insist that any significant incidents that may occur are conducted by an objective external investigator – USSA Global.

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