Occupational Health and Safety I have a WHSE Management System; why should I look at gaining Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Certification?

Below is a brief overview into the benefits of gaining WHS Certification.

Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities are now part of each workers responsibilities and ensuring their safety in the course of their work is essential to business operations.

How do you prove the management and systems you have in place are efficient, effective and your Occupational Health and Safety obligations are being met?

Internationally recognised WHS, environment and quality standards have been created to help standardise and set a benchmark for WHS management systems in all industries. This helps to ensure compliance to relevant legislation is continually being met and ensures appropriate management systems are in place to effectively manage the safety of workers, clients, and contractors. By implementing systems for hazard identification and risk assessments and by effectively controlling and managing these workplace risks, it is possible to effectively create safe systems of work and a safe work environment.

Certification for Occupational Health and Safety

Having certification or working toward the ‘best practice approach’ can not only benefit your business and workers, but also ensure your clients and contactors that you are constantly achieving high safety, health, environment and quality standards.

There are a wide range of benefits associated with to building toward and achieving certification in safety, health, environment and quality standards which includes, but are not limited to:

  • Increased ability to identify and control workplace risk
  • Reductions in workplace injuries, illness and incidents
  • Commitment to maintaining WHS legislation and compliance
  • Business management efficiency and increased productivity
  • Reduction in certain environmental costs including, wastes, recycling and consumption
  • Competitive advantage; internationally recognised certification
  • Continuous improvement in product/service quality

Working your way toward gaining and achieving certification for your organisation will set out the minimum requirement for WHS. Having a certified WHS management system in place can help your organisation move toward creating a safer work environment for all workers.

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