Onsite Support Perth: For times when you need additional Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) competencies and support, such as expansion, covering periods of leave for existing staff, managing specific short term projects, or as an objective third party to run an external incident investigation or undertake HSE audits. Appointing a fully qualified USSA HSE Consultant can fill the gap.

The Benefits of HSE Onsite Support Perth

There are many benefits of utilising external consultants from USSA Global including:

  • Our HSE Onsite Support Consultants have worked in a wide range of industries and have the ability to call on a large team of experts and resources.
  • USSA Global’s Consultants often have skills and abilities not available internally, and they bring a high level of experience and skills to your organisation, which in many cases can be passed on to your employees.
  • There is no minimum hire period; so therefore they’re used only for as long as you need them. This enables you to maintain your core of employees, only adding additional resources for special projects as required.
  • Objectivity and non-biased opinions on the project/work that only a fresh set of eyes can provide.
  • USSA Global’s Onsite Support Consultants have the ability to recommend, institute and drive Change Management without being influenced by the possibility of internal ‘Resistance to Change’ factors.
  • Hiring a Consultant can often be cheaper, after adding in overheads and management costs, as there are no long term financial commitments or benefits to be paid.
  • Outsourcing such technical needs as HSE consulting can free management staff to concentrate on core business requirements.
  • USSA Global can provide a range of client specific on-site support ranging from short term temporary contract solutions to more sustainable longer term solutions. This will also assist you in building the necessary health and safety culture to promote safety in the workplace.

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