SAFEX at a Glance

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SAFEX at a Glance



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What is SAFEX?

SAFEX  safety excellence program helps you systematically implement your safety management requirements.

  1. Health and Safety Consultants providing expert advice (and coaching)
  2. Health and Safety Training & Documentation describing the Health and Safety Management System
  3. Software for capturing information
  4. Tracking progress of implementation, etc. referred to as the “dashboard”
  5. Data analysis and trending (our safety community collectively learn from each other)

Why did you create SAFEX?

Our vision is “Simple, Sustainable Safety”. 

Benefits of SAFEX

  • Quality training and tools
  • Planned and Organised Safety Implementation
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency

SAFEX is compliant.

SAFEX complies with all national regulations in Australia and New Zealand.

What size organisation is SAFEX designed for?

SAFEX is scaleable for all business sizes, however the program is designed with the small business operator in mind.

We already have safety systems in place but we don’t have a technology solution, can we migrate to SAFEX?

Existing safety systems can be easily migrated into SAFEX.

Get your free demonstration.

We offer a free 90 minute consultation with a safety expert to demonstrate how SAFEX will benefit your organisation. If necessary a free trial can be arranged after this consultation.