Taking the pain out of Health and Safety Risk ManagementSpecialists in Health and Safety Risk Management, USSA Global have the ability to improve the capacity of business operators and workers to manage occupational safety and health effectively.

By law, the responsibility for Health and Safety Risk Management is placed on persons conducting a business or undertaking, including employers, self-employed, principal contractors, persons with management or control of a workplace, designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers of plant, substances or structures that are used for work. USSA Global are experts at assessing, identifying, and prioritising the risks held by such persons. We achieve this by providing coordinated and economical applications of resources to minimise, and control the probability and impact of potential incidents in the workplace and then maximise the opportunities which will improve Health and Safety for your business.

USSA Risk Management Experts

A number of risk assessment concepts and tools are adopted by USSA consultants to ensure effective identification, analysis, control and evaluation of risk issues in every possible workplace scenario. USSA risk management experts will assist your organisation in risk identification, analysis and evaluation, and have the capability and experience to utilise differing risk management tools specific to your organisation and the complexity of the risks involved.

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