It really does pay for itself.



The cost of workplace injury and illness is more than $60 billion a year in Australia.

As well as the personal cost, employers now risk significant fines, criminal convictions and jail time.

Now there’s a simple, cost-effective solution to ensure your workplace is safe and compliant.

Best of all, it usually pays for itself in reduced Worker’s Comp premiums.


SAFEX at a Glance

What is SAFEX?
PSC SafeX have developed a cloud-based, cost effective Business Management system (SafeX), which assists organisations to effectively implement simple and sustainable health, safety, environmental and quality management solutions to reduce their organisational risk and improve on safety performance.
The SafeX – Safety Excellence program provides our clients with ongoing HSEQ support, coupled with leading technology solutions, which provides transparency and real time reporting with access from anywhere, any time.


What the SAFEX System Delivers

  • Risk Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Corrective and Preventative Action Monitoring
  • Event Reporting and Investigation
  • Electronic filing of Document and Records Management including tracking progress of implementation, etc. referred to as the “dashboard”
  • Ongoing Training/ Coaching by one of our Health and Safety experts with included fortnightly or monthly meetings to discuss the implementation effectiveness and provision of support with an on-site assessment
  • Audit and Monitoring

Implementation Timeline

Stage 1 – (2-3 weeks) – Configuration of the SafeX system including:

  • Validation of organisational risk profile development
  • WHSEQ management system gap analysis and update to ensure alignment with legal requirements and ISO 45001 OHS Management System standards
  • Historical data upload
  • Contractor management set up
  • Mobile app set up (8 forms)

Stage 2 – Implementation (up to 13 months)

  • Ongoing WHSEQ support (monthly subscription)
  • Analysis and Trending of event data

Stage 3 – Governance (months 14-36)

  • Ongoing WHSEQ support (monthly subscription)
  • Governance and assurance activities to ensure the systems are implemented effectively and delivering performance improvement outcomes.

Stage 4 – Interdependence (ongoing)

  • Governance activities
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Stage 1: Configuration (2-3 weeks) 5% 5%
  • Stage 2: Implementation (up to 13 months) 40% 40%
  • Stage 3: Governance (months 14-36) 65% 65%
  • Stage 4: Interdependence (ongoing) 100% 100%