October 2013. According to Energy Safe’s latest bulletin, on 14 August 2013, Western Power pleaded guilty and was convicted and fined $35,000 plus court costs of $656.15, for connecting the electricity supply to a group of seven residential units in Bentley which caused the units to become unsafe.

As part of its Strategic Underground Power Project, Western Power engaged a contractor to replace the existing 415 volt ac overhead electricity supply to the premises with an underground supply. The work also involved the replacement of an existing mini-connection pillar with a larger universal connection pillar.

The site had distributed master metering arrangements. The seven residences were supplied from a main switchboard containing the service meters for each of the seven units.

After completion of the work, the contractor completed Western Power’s “Service Connection Test Form”, certified that all required tests had been carried out and that the service connection was safe and correctly connected to the network.

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