An industry where safety should always be top-of-mind.



Identifying a Fit-for-Purpose Solutions is Crucial

Whether you’re a small manufacturer or a large scale producer of goods, all those within the manufacturing sector have a strict duty of care to cover their staff and their goods. The good news is we are here to help your company to identify and manage all your risks with a Fit-for-Purpose solution resulting in smoother, safer operations throughout your entire organisation.

Manufacturing a Risk-free Solution for Your Company

Some of the least considered hazards across all industries are airborne hazards, loud constant noises that can have long-term detrimental effects on hearing, constant vibrations and chemicals.

PSC SafeX have conducted considerable research throughout the years and have found that these three hazard categories are the most prevalent within the manufacturing industry.

So it’s important that those working within the manufacturing industry consider these risks when developing their organisational risk profiles and developing their safe systems of work.

Airborne Contaminates:  Derived from Welding, Fork Lift Operations, Glue Vapors, Paint Fumes, etc.

Vibrating Tools and Equipment:  Including Angle Grinders , Lathes, Sanders, Forklifts, Drills, etc.

Chemicals:  Dangerous Solvents, Hydraulic oils, Detergents, Paints, etc.

Understanding the work activities and the requirements for the elimination, substitution, training, instruction and PPE to manage these risks is essential.

PSC SafeX can assist your organisations in identifying Fit-for-Purpose solutions which will help manage your risk.


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